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Another milestone achieved for International Ambulances

Many sources confirm that the world of healthcare is in great need of a new 21st century ambulance to support important and often stretched resources. Over the last four weeks International Ambulances first meetings with senior medical and healthcare management experts have confirmed a swell of interest and excitement around their new ambulance.

A six year programme of research by the Helen Hamlyn Trust / London Ambulance Services Report showed that there are many problems with the present ambulance vehicle, which have a negative impact on both the patients and ambulance crews.” A 2017 parliamentary committee meeting with ambulance services, highlighted three key issues in paramedic morale in areas of absence/sickness/recruitment and retention, A&E congestion and challenge of wider healthcare integration.

The National Audit Office into NHS Ambulance Trusts reported in January this year, on the vast number of unnecessary visits to A&E and the opportunity for paramedics and ambulance service to “see and treat” more patients helping to reduce these. The same report highlights the high number of lost “ambulance hours” due to overcrowding in A&E departments.

    1. As a member of the World Health Organisation, Phil’s innovative designs have demonstrated the capacity to create real social and economic change. For example two critical elements in the proposition of IA’s superior well equipped ambulance directly address some of these issues:
    2. Enhanced levels of high specification equipment and connectivity that allows both remote access to specialist clinical expertise and allows in transit transmission of critical patient details ahead of arrival at hospital… IA are committed to connected healthcare.
      a lower total life-cycle cost, including acquisition, fuel, a standard programme of service, maintenance and repair and allowances to cover accidents, unscheduled repairs and issues that may arise… IA are committed to making a superior vehicle work from a business perspective too.

IA’s new ambulance is already making headway. Paramedics involved in vehicle development are excited by the innovations being shown and discussed, finance have seen early cost of ownership targets/model as well as IA’s commitment to supporting lower total cost of ownership and operational management recognise that IA are addressing many of today’s compromises, representing a big step forward.

The inspiring journey continues and you are invited to GET IN TOUCH to find out more and stay in touch with our exciting progress.

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