Connected Care

In our connected world, International Ambulances supports the vision of an integrated care world, in the best interests of the patient, where all the right information is shared rapidly to support effective decision making and care with urgent & emergency care and the wider healthcare community.” change to “support safe and effective decision making within urgent & emergency care and the wider healthcare community. This also gives paramedics the best support while they are out on the road.

Advanced connectivity will be built into the new vehicle to allow paramedics to talk to remote clinical teams, the hospital and to specialist staff where necessary, to ensure patients receive the most appropriate care, as quickly as possible.

Additionally the International Ambulances vision is for quality pre-arrival information to be shared with the hospital, so that medical teams in A&E can be more fully prepared International Ambulance vehicles will facilitate the easy transmission of medical briefings on patients, including their details, their medical condition and any unique requirements, while the vehicle is on route. For those patients where the appropriate care is diagnosis and treatment onsite, sometimes called “see and treat” the vision is for quality communication to flow seamlessly to the patients doctors, pharmacists and carers as appropriate.

International Ambulances…advancing connected mobile healthcare.

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