Innovative Engineering

The end point is always to enable better patient, paramedic and hospital outcomes and very early on it was clear that to achieve this everything should be designed with the patient at the heart of the vehicle and operation. While the layout, function, features and capability designed to meet the needs of the paramedic team.

The International Ambulances team has extensively researched, constantly asked itself questions and sought the advice, guidance and expert knowledge of paramedics themselves. This has created a clear understanding of their priorities and the compromises they currently have to make. This insight combined with ongoing readiness to challenge assumptions and change and change until the step improvement is realised.

International Ambulances believe that the provision of a better ambulance is instrumental in supporting the emergency care experience delivered, across the array of scenarios that they are faced with, and for all the patients that they help. Every fixture, fitting, communications solution and feature is being designed with the best outcome in mind.

International Ambulances…innovating the world of mobile patient care.

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