Our Approach

International Ambulances is engineering massive innovation into the emergency response vehicle sector. We have a clear vision that drives our thinking and guides our direction:

Our Vision

To be the world’s most innovative ambulance business with better patient outcomes.

Wherever our journey takes us, we will remain true to our principles. We believe in promoting innovation through thoughtful design and purposeful engineering… every feature of our ambulance is designed around a need and executed to provide an improved environment for paramedics, which in turn delivers better patient outcomes & experience.

Our Mission

To innovate, design and manufacture superior ambulances that support paramedics in their work to save lives and provide better experiences and outcomes for patients, paramedics and hospitals.

IA is a business set up with the commitment to build a new vehicle, including design, development, certification and launch. The first ambulance is being developed to comply with EU regulations and the intention is to pursue compliance with other market regulations for the future.

International Ambulances…committed to innovation in mobile patient care.

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