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The idea of developing a new vehicle concept to challenge the current ambulance is the most recent brainchild of Phil Bevan.

Phil lives in rural Norfolk and is a serial innovator…an ideas man who began putting his inventions on paper and bringing them to market in his early twenties. Articulating his thoughts into designs has resulted in him registering over 100 patents over the years and many of his ideas have been brought to life as products or components during that time.

Phil’s successes have been achieved in agricultural equipment, automotive engineering, fumigation and renewable energy applications…extending his thinking into the emergency response vehicle sector was a result of an accident!

In 2001 Phil severed all the nerves in one shoulder, resulting in an ambulance journey, during which he suffered enormous discomfort and pain on route to the A&E department of his local hospital. He was very aware that this was not due to a lack of paramedic care and expertise but primarily down to the fact that the vehicle was not what he would describe as patient friendly or comfortable…There and then he started to think about how an ambulance should be designed.

Time passed by and Phil returned to other projects, but in 2015 he had another unfortunate reason to journey once again into the emergency room with paramedic assistance. This entailed another ride in an ambulance and he reflected on it being a vehicle that remained largely unchanged from 14 years earlier!

It seemed that ambulances had remained largely unchanged for over 40 years and this reopened Phil’s mind to the need for a new type of ambulance vehicle that could bring mobile patient care in emergency situations into the 21st Century. Phil discussed it with friends and others who encouraged him to progress bringing his ideas to life!

So the journey began in earnest with reams of research, visiting hospitals, events, conversations, publications (including the foundational research by Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design), understanding the experiences of both patients and paramedics as well as the cost and budgetary needs of health services. It wasn’t long before he came to the conclusion that the best place to start addressing the compromises was from scratch! This was not a project about making current vehicles better, it was extremely clear to Phil that success would be achieved by building a new ambulance from the ground up…his dream was to create the first global purpose built ambulance’ ever made.

The next step was to create a new company to take on the many challenges that such a complex project would bring. Phil knew his role was best placed in the innovation and development of the ambulance, with his engineering team around him. So, late in 2016 he brought in a leadership team to run the business allowing him to focus on the innovation and engineering.

The business plan is on track to have first production and launch in the UK, initially with exports to mainland Europe, Middle East, Australia and New Zealand. Thereafter to pursue the global opportunity with incremental engineering and local manufacturing sites.

This exciting journey is now well underway and we will be sharing progress here over the coming weeks and months. You are invited to stay in touch either as an active supporter or just to watch the story unfold…we welcome and thank you for your interest.”

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