Paramedic Support

The starting point for our innovation in ambulance design is the paramedic.

It is paramedics who save lives and it is our fundamental belief that the vehicle will work best if is designed around them and their very specific requirements. Every element of the design is measured against its ability to support the paramedic in their work, with more speed, efficiency and effectiveness, in the most challenging of circumstances and where every second counts towards achieving improved patient outcomes.

It is with this in mind that the International Ambulances team have responded to the need for a conducive, safe and robust working environment:

    • Improved paramedic safety through ergonomic features that optimise the environment and wellbeing of the paramedic team
    • Practical design saves precious time when accessing, safely stowing and re-stocking consumable supplies via intelligent storage solutions
    • Intuitive engineering provides safer access and loading solutions and prioritises intuitive mechanisms to make the vehicle simple and easy to operate
    • Driving dynamics optimise the ride experience for paramedics and patients, as well as providing the driver improved confidence in normal and emergency driving situations and a more comfortable ride wherever the Paramedic is sitting
International Ambulances…supporting the critical role of paramedics.

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