Patient Outcomes

Paramedics work tirelessly to save lives in some of the most challenging circumstances. The mission of International Ambulances is to ensure that the best vehicle is available to help achieve improved patient and hospital outcomes.

IA believe that the provision of a better ambulance is instrumental in supporting the emergency care experience delivered by paramedic teams, by enabling a more efficient delivery of paramedic expertise.

Patients are often unaware of the many compromises that current ambulance designs create in the care process. International Ambulances are engineering a vehicle that will help to shave valuable time off the care journey, improve space and environment, that in addition to today’s live saving ability, will provide their attending paramedic more efficient capability to:

    • achieve accurate and expanded diagnosis


    • access the necessary medical resources more quickly and easily


    • improve cleanliness and hygiene to reduce the risk of health service induced infections


    • deliver a more comfortable journey with less jolts and discomfort


    • receive earlier high quality access to remote clinical expertise
International Ambulances…enabling better patient outcomes.

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