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from the ground up putting Patients & Paramedics first

Hospital Introduction

Designed & built to give better patient outcomes & greater value to healthcare services.

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International Ambulances is building an all new emergency ambulance that will be the first ever purpose built global ambulance.

The reason is quite simply because it will support the paramedics we rely on in the most challenging of circumstances, to provide the very best care and medical assistance they can and deliver better patient outcomes.

For patients the experience of an ambulance service, as important as it is, is one part of a wider healthcare service that is there to help achieve better long term outcomes. Increased capability of ambulances brings the opportunity for more onsite diagnosis, combined with high quality communications/digital integration delivering more effective support from hospitals and wider healthcare.
We design and manufacturing vehicles that deliver greater value to healthcare services.
the world's first purpose-built ambulance
We looked at current ambulance designs and thought how can we create a better solution. One that addresses the problems and shortcomings of existing vehicles and elevates the design of the ambulance to a new level of patient care.
Our approach was to put the patient and paramedic first. Every design and engineering decision made had this thought at its heart. We looked at every aspect of the ambulances function, internal space, on board diagnosis, treatment, on board connectivity and technology together with the vehicles performance and operational running costs.

As the Aceso is such a revolutionary new concept we have repeatedly engaged with several health service regional ambulance authorities to evaluate the design and functionality of the vehicle. We feel it vital that the ambulance is fit for purpose and that the paramedics who will be operating it are part of the design process.

In a world where around half of emergency cases taken to hospital are not admitted, ACES will provide a healthcare environment better equipped to enable paramedics to ‘see and treat’ patients where they are. Removing the need for hospital intervention and providing quicker treatment will create a better patient experience and significantly reduce the demands on severely overstretched accident and emergency departments.

Our Mission

To innovate, design and manufacture superior ambulances that support paramedics…

Placing the paramedic first

The starting point for our innovation in ambulance design is the paramedic…

Patient Outcomes

ACESO is engineered to help shave valuable time off the care journey…

Paramedic Support

Paramedics need a conducive, safe, hygienic, comfortable and robust working environment.

Connected Care

Advanced connectivity will be built into the new vehicle to allow paramedics to talk…

Engineering Innovation

The end point is always to enable better patient, paramedic and hospital outcomes and very…

A Passion for Innovation

International Ambulances is working with Bevan Davidson, a technology design and…

Efficient Operations

International Ambulances supports the needs of robust fleet management and helps…


As part of our commitment to providing the best vehicle to support emergency healthcare…

Our Team

Phil is a serial entrepreneur and innovator. He loves the challenge of solving complex problems to achieve better outcomes and has registered over 100 patents in various fields including automotive, agronomy, fumigation and clean / renewable energy.

He has brought many ideas to life through the development of agriculture equipment, trucks, sports cars, motor bikes and electric vehicle solutions.

Founder and Chief Engineer
Managing Director
Steve Kirk
Head of Design