This month marks a milestone in the world of emergency response vehicles.

Phil Bevan, a serial entrepreneur and innovator, based in rural Norfolk, identified a need following two unfortunate occurrences requiring him to make ambulance journeys. The journeys took place fourteen years apart, but this made him realise that, during those fourteen years, very little had changed in the world of ambulance design and operation.  These life-saving tools of the paramedic were insufficient to meet both the demands and the expectations of patients and paramedics. This set Phil’s head spinning into a new world of possibilities.

Significant volumes of research followed, including discussions with paramedics and operational management to help him ratify his ideas. Phil had the ideas but needed broader skills to bring them to life and engaged a new team to set up International Ambulances  IA is a business with the vision and capability to move emergency care away from vehicle body modification, to design, develop and deliver a new global ambulance, from the ground up.

Between Phil’s own visits to A&E in 2001 and 2015 respectively, the number of emergency and urgent call s handled by our stretched NHS had almost doubled, from 4.9 million to 9 million, with 4 million of those cases being taken to equally over-stretched A&E departments in 2014/2015.  A backdrop of tight funding and the fact that 48% of those taken to A&E walk out (only 52% being admitted to hospital) shows the size of opportunity if paramedics were supported better with equipment and digitally enabled remote assistance.  It becomes very clear to see the potential impact that a new purpose built ambulance could have on both paramedic and patient experience and ultimately on patient outcomes.

Today, Phil and the International Ambulances team have held their first presentation to investors in London… the purpose being to share their findings, to present the opportunity, to outline the development path and inspire the community to help make this a journey that will not only benefit patients, paramedics and the NHS, but also the shareholders.

Today the idea of better patient outcomes takes a large step towards becoming a reality.

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International Ambulances… enabling paramedics to deliver better patient outcomes.

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