Bevan Davidson International Ltd debuted the revolutionary ACESO / INTEGRO-E ambulance at the Emergency Services Show at the NEC on the 7th and 8th of September 2021 under their subsidiary company International Ambulances exhibition stand.

The vehicle was in the form of a development prototype. BDI company founder Phil Bevan said:

“before we start production on a series of evaluation ambulances, we wanted to display a full-size version to paramedics, fleet managers and operators. We value their opinions and comments especially as most have not seen the vehicle before. From the very start of this project, we have worked hand in hand with industry professionals in the design and development of the ACESO and it has been extremely exciting that we have received so many positive and encouraging comments at the show.”

The INTEGRO-E is identical to the International Ambulances ACESO on the outside and inside retains all its functionality and features. The magic happens underneath, within the chassis and its electric drive technology.

To overcome the issue which puts current electric ambulances over the 3.5-ton weight limit, requiring the paramedic driver to pass a Class 1 driving test, Bevan Davidson International Ltd have developed a unique patented solution.

By making the rear axle and chassis section a separate removable trailer, housing a proportion of the total battery pack, the ambulance remains under the 3.5-ton weight limit allowing the paramedic to tow a trailer up to 750 kilos. The trailer is removed and attached with a hydraulic ram which locks the trailer into the chassis prior to driving off.

The other unique feature is the ability to automatically exchange a depleted battery trailer for a fully charged one in minutes, from the driver’s seat, eliminating the need for hours of recharging downtime.

Following the tremendous reception, the ACESO / INTEGRO-E received, the company is now making plans to build demonstration vehicles for evaluation in the new year and is looking to set up a purpose-built production facility in the UK.

At the same time, the ACESO version being Hydroxy, Diesel and LPG / CNG gas powered will also be ready for market.

The ACESO / INTEGRO-E ambulance on the International Ambulances stand

The INTEGRO-E with patented battery trailer ejected